Curate & Source the Best

Located in the heart of Bearden in Knoxville, TN, BENNETT first opened its doors as a custom frame shop in the 1970s. Our two floor, 40,000 square-foot showroom includes heirloom quality furniture, specialty gifts, art, custom framing, tabletop finds, and accessories. Since 1976, our passion is to provide a welcoming space to shop, relax, and aspire while featuring local, regional, and nationally renowned artists with an emphasis on hand-crafted and small production items.

The mission behind BENNETT has remained the same since its inception—curate and source the best furniture, lighting, rugs, gifts, custom framing, art, jewelry, and accessories from around the world. When it’s time to celebrate, to shelter, to nest, or to gift, our clients can rest assured that we’ve done the legwork so you will find only the best.

Jeannie Bennett


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Robert Shipley

Managing Director

My path to BENNETT and the design industry was indirect, but in hindsight I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I love beautiful things and want to be surrounded by the best of everything. I needed BENNETT long before I knew that I had the creative soul that could sustain myself and my family.

I’m convinced, if you always buy what you love, over time, it will create a collection that is both congruous and reflective of your life and passion. In the words of Bobby McAlpine “Sometimes what your heart desires might seem foolish, but ultimately it is imperative.” Everything we do should inspire, lift and restore the soul. I see my job as a responsibility to help you strip away your insecurities and help you follow your heart, to create beautiful, meaningful spaces that you can’t live without.

Come to Bennett and let me help you select a candle or a painting, style a space or redesign your entire home. Once you start, I guarantee, you won’t be able to stop.